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How do I get abs?

Posted On: November 8, 2017 11:20 am |Category: Fitness

EVERYBODY wants to have either a flat, or a tone/ripped stomach. How do we get there?

Well let me start by sharing with you a helpful way of how to approach your abdominal training. Most people (you may be in this group) approach abdominal training by doing boatloads of sit-ups, crunches, and leg raises. Will these work your core? Yes. But the truth here is, you are only working ONE area of your abdominals. Also, you are only working in one plane of motion, so you aren’t really OPTIMIZING your core training You see, there are THREE areas that you should be working on…

1.) Rectus Abdominus

This is the “outer” layer of your abdominals, which is the layer you see (6-pack abs) It’s action is to FLEX the spine, so think of any “crunching” exercises.

2.) Transverse Abdominus

This is the “inner” layer of your abdominals. It’s action is to compress your ribcage and stomach. Sit up straight and try to tuck your tummy/belly button in as much as possible. Hold 10 seconds.. feel that? It’s not magic, it’s your transverse.

3.) Obliques

These are the muscles located on the side of your core. They assist in rotational/antirotational movements, and aid in lateral flexion/anti lateral flexion. Think swinging a baseball bat or golf club, or carrying heavy groceries in only one arm.

You see, in order to have an awesome, deliciously strong and good looking core, you need to be able to hit all these areas. That’s why I created a great abdominal circuit for you to try below. This circuit will hit ALL of the above mentioned parts of your core.


You really want abs? Let me make this explanation as simple as possible without trying to sugar coat it. In order to really see your abdominals, you need to be at a low body fat %. For men, that number will be around 12% and under, and for females that number will be around 17% and under. Basically, if you are holding excess weight, you will NEVER see your abdominal muscles, no matter how much abdominal training you do.

I DON’T WATCH TO DISCOURAGE YOU! But I do want to be real with you. That being said, a specific, and well-rounded routine focused on building lean body mass and burning fat will help you get there, especially if you are CONSISTENT!

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