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Posted On: June 1, 2018 9:49 am

Ramsey is passionate about what he does and commits to what he puts his mind to. I have worked with Ramsey once per week for 9 months with a focus on weight training and overall mobility to support my health in general and my running specifically. Within the first couple months, I was able to lose weight, increase weight during strength training, increase my running mileage per week, and decrease my recovery time after each workout.

Two months into training with Ramsey, I became pregnant with my first child. During my first trimester, training allowed me to continue to safely improve my strength and increase my running to the point that I could comfortably run races up to 20K in my second trimester. Ramsey is a knowledgeable trainer who can accurately assess and adequately adapt to each individual client. I have always felt safe working with him and have never gotten injured. I am currently a couple weeks away from delivery and am looking forward to ramping my fitness back up with Ramsey in the months to come!

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