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The Power of Why

Posted On: November 8, 2017 11:09 am |Category: Betterment

Its easy to say “i think” ill go for a workout tomorrow morning. It’s easy to say “if” i worked out 4 times a week and ate better, id have a 6-pack. The truth is, anything that’s valuable in life is never easy.

We need to change our “i thinks” and “ifs” to “I wills” and “do’s” This can be difficult to do. One way that I believe helps me do this, is understanding WHY I do certain things. This pertains to just about everything in life.

Just about anything is life is achievable. Getting a 6-pack is an extremely realistic goal. All you have to do is workout consistently, and eat well. Crazy, right? Well, it does take alot of work to get a 6-pack, but it is very achievable if your “WHY” is important for you. If getting a 6-pack is of upmost priority and importance to you, then you’ll work your damn hardest to get it.

It’s important to find out the things in your life that are extremely important to you, and understand why. If you have kids, generally they are the priority, and you would do anything possible to make sure they are taken care of, that there is food on the table, that you raise them well. You wouldn’t slack off in that department. Why is that important to you? Perhaps you…

1.) Have a desire to make your children love you more.

2.) Gain satisfaction in knowing your children are happy.

3.) Take pride in raising a strong family.

If making that big promotion/pay raise at work was extremely important to you, you’d most definitely work your tail off to ensure you get just that. Why is that important to you? Perhaps you…

1.) Have the standard that you need to have a high priority job.

2.) Have the standard that you need to make a certain amount of money.

3.) Want to feel important to your family or loved ones.

For me, exercise is extremely important to me. I know why it’s important to me, and thats what allows me to be consistent, and progressive with it. Why is exercise important to me?

1.) I am more confident and happy during my everyday social interactions. I can bring more value to people in my life and that amplifies mine.

2.) Training consitently gives me momentum for all of my goals in life

3.) I sleep like a baby at night!

4.) I feel much less anxious/nervous about normal everyday stressors. Small problems are no problem at all, and big problems can be handled with a clear mind.

5.) I look (in my opinion), and feel great

These reasons, among many others are the WHY’S that bring me to the gym consistently. Without consistent exercise, I would be a miserable, sleep deprived, out of shape, stagnant, boring individual (not saying you are, thats just how i’d feel!).

At the end of the day, my WHY for health drives me to these factors listed above. Unfortunately, most people don’t get the satisfaction of consistently exercising, and reaping the benefits of looking sexier, feeling better, sleeping better, and feeling less stress.

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