“I genuinely want to make you look better, feel better, and be better.”


My name is Ramsey Haddad. I’m an empathetic, prodigious, fulfillment seeking fitness professional who wants to be better, and wants to help people reach their potential.

out my life, I’ve found that I experience the most happiness, and have an extreme sense of self-worth through personal growth, and helping others grow. I believe that taking care of our health is one of the easiest, and best ways to become better versions of ourselves. I want you to be a better person. I want you to be happier. I want you to succeed.


I feel no joy in being stagnant, or not working towards something. I have worked as a personal trainer for 13 years now, and put a stress on making my clients better as well. The joys that we experience in life generally come when we are in a state of progression.

This means trying new foods that make your taste buds salivate, meeting somebody who gets your heart beating faster than ever before, discovering a new song that gets you pumped up, or going on vacation to a new destination... All of these things are new to us, and bring some excitement in our life. We actually become more aware of new experiences and opportunities, and in a way, progress. This feeling of progression, and uniqueness to these aspects of life makes you feel good, and in turn, enables betterment.

How does this enable betterment? Well, in my personal experience with myself and with my clients, the more we evolve as people, and sharpen our skills, the better we feel about ourselves. The better we become from this progression, the better suited we become to be to be happy, and bring happiness to others. This is an important aspect of life that I feel can be overlooked, underappreciated, and undervalued. My Fit Philosophy will give you the tools to sharpen your skills, provide you with constant progression, and put you in a continuous cycle of being better.


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Being healthy makes me a better person. I am more confident. I have more energy. It dulls away any anxiety/stress that I have. I look better. Overall, my quality of life is leaps and bounds better than if I did not live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Exercise is a conduit to success is many ways. You will reap the amazing rewards of having more energy, exhibiting more confidence, decreasing your stress levels, and having the physical and mental edge that you’ve always wanted. You WILL BE BETTER in most every aspect of your life. When did we all of a sudden devalue our health and bodies? We’ve got one body and one life, let’s make the most of it.

Unfortunately, exercise and establishing a healthy lifestyle has taken a back seat to an ever so popular sedentary and work oriented lifestyle. I created My Fit Philosophy to enable you to establish the best possible way to reach your health and fitness goals. I only succeed if my clients succeed, so I decided to create an ecosystem through My Fit Philosophy that would do just that, in giving you and I a platform where we can both be successful.


I genuinely want to make you look better, feel better, and be better. I will make you look sexier. I will make you fit into those pants that are too tight. I will help you feel less pain and feel more flexible. I will make you feel more confident. I can make you better and I will make you better if you simply follow the structure of our programs. Here is why you can trust me…

I have my bachelors degree in health sciences, specializing in exercise science. I’ve been an integrative fitness specialist, and a certified personal trainer for over 13 years now. I have multiple speciality certifications and have worked with hundreds of different people, with different goals and limitations. I pride myself in being able to work with just about anybody, and give them the tools to progress, and reach their fitness goals. To back me up, please check out what my clients have to say.